Security systems

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Security systems offer highly efficient thermal insulation, sealing and sound insulation.

The profile platform for resistance to firearms is achieved using the technique of cartridge and bulletproof glass. It has great resistance to firearms up to FB4.

Multifunctional security systems are universally applicable for vertical facades and transparent fire-resistant class roofs. Thanks to the authentic interior and exterior appearance, it is possible to combine them with the facade without visible seams.

With safety systems, the floor height of up to 5,000 mm can be bridged without problems.

Architecturally interesting construction options are indicated through the application as a window with side parts, i.e., a two-part window or an integrated window element in fire-resistant facades.

By using standard system fittings (AvanTec WK1 or socket fittings) with a detachable handle, no special fire-protecting fittings are required.



Safety features



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Schüco International KG was founded in 1951 by Heinz Schürmann as a company for the construction of metal products for shop windows, with a total of six associates in Porta Westfalica, under the name Heinz Schürmann & Co.

The company was taken over by OTTO FUCHS in 1964. Today, Schüco develops and sells building cladding systems, including for single-family homes, buildings and industrial plants. The range of products includes profile systems and accessories for the construction of windows, doors, facades and summer gardens. Furthermore, systems for balconies, sun protection, fire and smoke protection systems as well as anti-burglary systems, and systems that mitigate damage from ammunition and explosions.

Schüco is one of the leading suppliers of high quality window, door and facade systems made of aluminum and steel. Millions of Schüco products are used worldwide and meet the highest demands of design, comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

The strength of the efficiency of objects depends on their wrapping. It must not only allow architectural freedom, but above all it must be energy efficient and designed to be benefit-oriented. ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is a leading specialist in the segment of glass facades in Central and Southeast Europe.

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is a family-owned company for four generations. Not only employees, but also numerous customers have been loyal to us for generations. Our understanding of partnership implies personal approach, professional service, loyalty, perseverance. The comprehensive package of our services is unique and recognized in the construction industry. For us, the partnership is a mutual incentive to achieve maximum results, and it is a “motivational engine” that enables our mutual success.

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL offers its partners a comprehensive package of professional services in all phases of the construction project realization. Teams of our consultants develop new products and help you choose the optimal system components for your specific project. Close cooperation in terms of application of technological processes in production, methods of material processing, staff training and software solutions guarantees that project plans will be implemented rationally, efficiently and with quality.