External shutters

Various models of shutters can meet the most stringent architectural requirements, and represent the highest quality form of sun protection.


We offer several types of external shutters for windows, such as: aluminium shutters, wooden shutters, shutters with integrated mosquito nets, shutters without frames, sliding shutters and harmonious shutters for windows.

Aluminium shutters for windows are an ideal solution for modern buildings. There is a possibility of making lids with movable slats, lids with fixed slats or full shutters.

Shutters with integrated mosquito net are installed next to the window frame. This does not leave an empty space between the window stem and the shutter stem, but it is filled with a mosquito net. A vertical roller mosquito net or a side sliding mosquito net can be installed in the lid stock.


Accordion shutters for windows are an ideal solution for large balcony openings. There is a possibility of making harmo-lids with movable slats and harmo-shutters with fixed slats. In modern urban villas, harmo-shutters with perforated sheet metal or harmo-shutters with fundermax panels are very often in demand.

Sliding shutters are the ideal solution for large inaccessible openings. They are installed inside the frame of the opening or with the help of metal anchors they can be installed from the outside on the finished styrofoam facade. There is a version of sliding shutters with movable slats and with fixed slats. Sliding wings are led by single-core guide, two-wire guide and three-wire guide.




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EUX is a leading brand of aluminium joinery and a manufacturer of shutter systems in Croatia. It provides its clients and partners with a wide range of products and quality service. Business cooperation in carpentry is a key element in the continuous development of the EUX brand.

The offer of the EUX brand then also expanded to the production of fittings for aluminium joinery and injection molding and plastic injection. EUX ALU joinery has firmly begun to form an authority in its field of work, achieving business success and forging valuable partnerships.

EUX business cooperation in carpentry is based on pre-defined parameters as well as the experience and knowledge of the company.

All products, as well as the company itself, are certified for various levels of quality, business conditions, and production.

The desire to become a market leader is the foundation of the exceptional quality and standards by which all work is based.