Exterior blinds

Exterior blinds offer light control, shading, view protection, sound and heat insulation.

Exterior blinds are part of the sun protection that is suitable for installation on both commercial and residential buildings.

Exterior blinds prevent the direct penetration of heat into the space, and in combination with the facade contribute to a more beautiful aesthetic appearance of the building.

The set of blinds consists of standard slats, mechanisms, classic brackets and guides and a visible mask.

External blinds allow independent installation on all types of buildings. They are also suitable for new construction, as well as for the renovation of older buildings. It is not necessary to plan the installation of these blinds in advance, because they are installed after the finished facade. Since the blinds are visible, together with the facade and carpentry in different color combinations, they further enhance the exterior of the house.





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WAREMA offers modern and individual sun shading solutions to meet your exact needs.

In order to ensure optimal design and the highest quality, we develop and manufacture our products in Germany. This way you can always be sure that you will always get high quality and durable products. However, if you are unsatisfied with something, we will be happy to support you. Because only a flawless sun shade system increases living comfort and energy efficiency.

From planning and commissioning to maintenance, WAREMA is there for you with speed and reliability – even in the event of a repair. With our first-class service, we prove why WAREMA has been a main leader in the production of the sun protection products for more than 60 years.

The WAREMA group gives special value to people. Our employees are what make us strong. That is why we treat each other with respect and appreciation. A strong focus on the customer and the growth of our company are possible only on this basis.

MEDLE is a leading manufacturer of sun protection elements.

A comprehensive program of shades and window production is a perfect combination for you. Manufacture and installation of windows is adjusted to the chosen shade type which can be selected immediately when placing order, or for later installation. Since we offer a comprehensive solution in one place, our slogan is: “From windows to shades, all in one place, all at one expert.”

The purpose of our activity is to rapidly adapt to market needs, construction and manufacturing of new designs, and providing a superior quality of our materials.

Finished products are sold through a widespread wholesale network in Slovenia and abroad. The showrooms in Novo mesto, Ljubljana, Jesenice, Croatia and Austria offer to the final customers all the products from the production program, which are custom made in accordance with customers’ requirements.