Insect protection that lasts.

Mosquito nets are a simple and effective solution, as they allow the entry of fresh air, and at the same time protect against the mosquitoes and insects getting into the room with an open window.

The solution against mosquitoes and some health-threatening insects is to prevent them from entering the space with mosquito nets mounted on windows or doors. Mosquito nets in three basic versions are reliable, safe for the environment and humane. They are suitable for residential buildings as well as for public spaces, and above all spaces where food and drinks are prepared and sold (restaurants, canteens, hospitals, food stores…).





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MEDLE is a leading manufacturer of sun protection elements.

A comprehensive program of shades and window production is a perfect combination for you. Manufacture and installation of windows is adjusted to the chosen shade type which can be selected immediately when placing order, or for later installation. Since we offer a comprehensive solution in one place, our slogan is: “From windows to shades, all in one place, all at one expert.”

The purpose of our activity is to rapidly adapt to market needs, construction and manufacturing of new designs, and providing a superior quality of our materials.

Finished products are sold through a widespread wholesale network in Slovenia and abroad. The showrooms in Novo mesto, Ljubljana, Jesenice, Croatia and Austria offer to the final customers all the products from the production program, which are custom made in accordance with customers’ requirements.

DELUX has more than 25 years of experience in the production of sun protection screens.

Our products are characterized by innovative design and attractive appearance. Quality, style, and elegance are an integral part of all our products.

Fast service, warranty, support, and a great team is the way to meet all your expectations.

The strength of our company comes from the family environment and as such we understand the needs and feel the spirit of the production of sun protection screens. We listen to requirements and adapt to new technologies to improve our production and service processes.

Our advantage is understanding the needs of the customer. We give a 2-year guarantee on all products.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, it can now be said that we are one of the leading companies in the production of sun protection screens in Bosnia and Herzegovina.