Entrance door

The entrance doors have an important place in the building or in a residential facility. Through them we come into daily contact with the outside space, through them we enter the intimacy of our home.

Safety and design in a perfect combination. Steel entrance door systems increase the freedom in designing in accordance with the architecture of the building or house.


Our entrance door systems are available in a thermal or non-insulated version. Such entrance door systems show their advantages in new buildings, as well as in the renovation of existing housing units. In addition, they meet the highest requirements in terms of safety and fire protection, as well as mechanical strength and durability.

With reduced installation depth, entrance door systems (dry or wet glazed) can be installed in a flat, even shallow surrounding structure, while still providing a high degree of rigidity.

Entrance door systems can contain tresholds without barriers. Steel doors are very elastic and are especially suitable for use in high slopes of buildings.

High resistance steel and stainless steel are perfect for frequently visited buildings such as schools, hospitals, sports centers and the like. Stainless steel adds a graceful look and reduces maintenance to a minimum.



Safety features



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What began in 1923 as Josef Jansen’s craft workshop in Oberriet developed into a high-tech company operating in the international market. In doing so, typical Jansen values have been retained. The pioneering spirit of that time is also reflected in today’s products and services.

Today, Jansen AG manufactures and sells welded and drawn precision steel pipes as well as steel and stainless-steel profile systems for windows, doors and facades, and pvc products for construction, as well as industry: products that guarantee Swiss quality, innovation, longevity and energy sustainability. To this day, the Jansen Group has remained in 100% family ownership and employs about 1,000 associates internationally, of which approx. 60 studies the craft.

This Swiss family business generated a turnover of 285 million francs in 2013. Around the world, Jansen is active through representative offices and partner companies.

The production facilities in Oberriet and Dingestädt (D) process 300 t of raw materials per day, which roughly corresponds to the weight of an Airbus A 380. That is, if all the pipes, which Jansen produces annually, were connected, the earth’s equator could be encircled twice.