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The production of ALU joinery is organized within the investment and construction sector of the company TEHNOSINT.


In our offer, you can find the top products from the PVC assortment, which we produce within the TEHNOSINT company.


We offer top quality steel products and system solutions from international market leaders.


Products made from a combination of wood and aluminum merge the best characteristics of both materials.


Solar protection offers light control, shading, view protection, sound and heat insulation.





Solar protection

Product QUALITY and customer SATISFACTION

TEHNOSINT Ltd. was founded in 1992, as a small family trading business. A few years later the company expands its business into manufacturing. Over all these years, we have strived for customer satisfaction and broadening of our partner network.

The production of ALU and PVC joinery is an independent business segment within the company TEHNOSINT, organized through the phases of DESIGN, PRODUCTION, TRANSPORT, INSTALLATION AND SERVICE.

We are organized on 2500 m2 of production line which takes place on modern CNC plants. We are a reliable manufacturer of PVC and ALU joinery and other modern construction systems, and a numerous realized references are a confirmation of that.

We have all the necessary infrastructure for successful and modern business, with its central headquarters in Laktaši, where a business building and production complex are located. Offices in Banja Luka, Sarajevo, and the representative office of BEOSINT d.o.o. in Belgrade also play an important role in the functioning of the company.

Today, TEHNOSINT Ltd. employs over 50 employees.

Superior products, modern technology, experience and knowledge


Our references

Our offer contains all the elements necessary for quality implementation and installation. We offer a wide range of products for the most demanding projects.

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Schüco International KG was founded in 1951 by Heinz Schürmann as a company for the construction of metal products for shop windows, with a total of six associates in Porta Westfalica, under the name Heinz Schürmann & Co.

The company was taken over by OTTO FUCHS in 1964. Today, Schüco develops and sells building cladding systems, including for single-family homes, buildings and industrial plants. The range of products includes profile systems and accessories for the construction of windows, doors, facades and summer gardens. Furthermore, systems for balconies, sun protection, fire and smoke protection systems as well as anti-burglary systems, and systems that mitigate damage from ammunition and explosions.

Schüco is one of the leading suppliers of high quality window, door and facade systems made of aluminum and steel. Millions of Schüco products are used worldwide and meet the highest demands of design, comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

The strength of the efficiency of objects depends on their wrapping. It must not only allow architectural freedom, but above all it must be energy efficient and designed to be benefit-oriented. ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is a leading specialist in the segment of glass facades in Central and Southeast Europe.

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is a family-owned company for four generations. Not only employees, but also numerous customers have been loyal to us for generations. Our understanding of partnership implies personal approach, professional service, loyalty, perseverance. The comprehensive package of our services is unique and recognized in the construction industry. For us, the partnership is a mutual incentive to achieve maximum results, and it is a “motivational engine” that enables our mutual success.

ALUKÖNIGSTAHL offers its partners a comprehensive package of professional services in all phases of the construction project realization. Teams of our consultants develop new products and help you choose the optimal system components for your specific project. Close cooperation in terms of application of technological processes in production, methods of material processing, staff training and software solutions guarantees that project plans will be implemented rationally, efficiently and with quality.

What began in 1923 as Josef Jansen’s craft workshop in Oberriet developed into a high-tech company operating in the international market. In doing so, typical Jansen values have been retained. The pioneering spirit of that time is also reflected in today’s products and services.

Today, Jansen AG manufactures and sells welded and drawn precision steel pipes as well as steel and stainless-steel profile systems for windows, doors and facades, and pvc products for construction, as well as industry: products that guarantee Swiss quality, innovation, longevity and energy sustainability. To this day, the Jansen Group has remained in 100% family ownership and employs about 1,000 associates internationally, of which approx. 60 studies the craft.

This Swiss family business generated a turnover of 285 million francs in 2013. Around the world, Jansen is active through representative offices and partner companies.

The production facilities in Oberriet and Dingestädt (D) process 300 t of raw materials per day, which roughly corresponds to the weight of an Airbus A 380. That is, if all the pipes, which Jansen produces annually, were connected, the earth’s equator could be encircled twice.

At ALUMIL, we build perfection every day. Through our modern production facilities and strict quality control during production, we ensure the creation of top products with high added value. Our continuous research and development leads us to offer unique solutions with many innovative items that fully meet the needs of our customers. With more than 30 years of experience and 2,200 employees, we are one of the world’s most advanced companies with state-of-the-art production lines in our 12 factories in Europe.

We love what we do and that’s why we want to be great in all aspects of it. As of today, ALUMIL has 12 factories in 6 countries.

The world is changing fast and new demands are being born every day. Modern buildings require the design and construction of a fenestration system with high standards. Always focusing on the specifications and requirements of the world’s most advanced markets, ALUMIL has created a product range that includes innovative products and perfectly meets modern construction needs.

The needs of our customers are very wide and so is our product portfolio. Each of our products is designed with one thought in mind: How to offer the best possible solution and increase value for our clients.

Bearing in mind the dynamic and demanding market that is constantly changing, we have responded with modern plant equipment for aluminum extrusion, electrostatic plasticizing and anodic anodizing, as well as machines for processing aluminum profiles.

The products we offer to the market are various types of aluminium constructions used in construction and industry. We base our development exclusively on the creation of our own professional team that follows world design trends and offers complete series for the production of aluminium systems. With their design, aluminium profiles and systems can be adapted to the specific customer needs in architecture and industry, from the idea to the finalization of the product.

We control the quality and traceability in the production chain according to the standards prescribed by the ISO 9001 standards and the CE mark. Throughout the whole production chain, we use modern technology and means of protection and perform constant control according to the requirements of the ISO14001: 2015 standard, which is a guarantee of our environmental care. We possess ISO 3834 and 15085-2 certificates, which allow us to perform demanding welded aluminum structures. We produce our products with surface protection in accordance with the Qualicoat, Qualanod and Qualideco certificates. We test the quality of our systems in authorized laboratories: IFT-Rosenheim, GBD Bregenz and IGH-Zagreb.

WICONA was founded in 1948 as a business division of Wieland Werke in Ulm. All activities in the fields of research, development, marketing, sales and services have been coordinated at the headquarters in Ulm for 70 years. Wicona has grown from a former small business into a brand that stands for highly specialized expertise and technical competence in aluminum system solutions.

As a system company with many years of experience, we supply the market with realistic and achievable concepts for people and the environment. Aligning user comfort with environmental requirements is what motivates us on a daily basis and drives us to develop energy-efficient system solutions for sustainable building envelopes. Numerous WICONA projects around the world have already received internationally recognized certificates for sustainable construction, such as DGNB, LEED or BREEAM.

At WICONA, we are convinced that modern building architecture must not be limited. We implement complex building envelopes with special technical challenges on individual special structures, in a sustainable and future-oriented way. This is our key competence and the basis for our global success. That is what WICONA stands for.

TROCAL is considered a pioneer in the window sector. More than fifty years ago, TROCAL developed the first PVC window for series production. Since then, TROCAL has maintained its reputation as a leading innovator in window technology.

New, elegant design and new technologies are the hallmarks of TROCAL that set the standards forever. The pinnacle that TROCAL has gained with its knowledge and technology is reflected in all generations – whether they are windows, residential doors or sliding systems. In addition to outstanding specifications and optimized thermal and sound insulation properties, various milestones also combine content for large window areas and a timeless elegant design. TROCAL PVC windows meet the requirements of high-quality architecture today and in the future.

The TROCAL team is a community of colleagues whose primary goal is to direct all their activities towards creating lasting benefits for partners and customers. Our sophisticated corporate identity integrates partner companies in this community as “members of the TROCAL team”.

Uniform was founded in 1988. Over the years, we have worked hard to expand our product range, becoming a European leader. Our main plant and offices cover an area of 45,000 square meters with 25,000 square meters of construction space. We employ 250 people based in Italy and over 400 worldwide.

We purposely developed a software to make our service even faster and more efficient. We provide this for free, a customization based on the system chosen by each customer.

Our research and development department designs customized solutions for our customers and develops new product systems. The R&D department is connected to a laboratory that simultaneously creates and tests prototypes.

Uniform has efficient production facilities that use the latest technological systems to meet all your technical needs for wood/metal windows and doors.


WAREMA offers modern and individual sun shading solutions to meet your exact needs.

In order to ensure optimal design and the highest quality, we develop and manufacture our products in Germany. This way you can always be sure that you will always get high quality and durable products. However, if you are unsatisfied with something, we will be happy to support you. Because only a flawless sun shade system increases living comfort and energy efficiency.

From planning and commissioning to maintenance, WAREMA is there for you with speed and reliability – even in the event of a repair. With our first-class service, we prove why WAREMA has been a main leader in the production of the sun protection products for more than 60 years.

The WAREMA group gives special value to people. Our employees are what make us strong. That is why we treat each other with respect and appreciation. A strong focus on the customer and the growth of our company are possible only on this basis.

MEDLE is a leading manufacturer of sun protection elements.

A comprehensive program of shades and window production is a perfect combination for you. Manufacture and installation of windows is adjusted to the chosen shade type which can be selected immediately when placing order, or for later installation. Since we offer a comprehensive solution in one place, our slogan is: “From windows to shades, all in one place, all at one expert.”

The purpose of our activity is to rapidly adapt to market needs, construction and manufacturing of new designs, and providing a superior quality of our materials.

Finished products are sold through a widespread wholesale network in Slovenia and abroad. The showrooms in Novo mesto, Ljubljana, Jesenice, Croatia and Austria offer to the final customers all the products from the production program, which are custom made in accordance with customers’ requirements.

DELUX has more than 25 years of experience in the production of sun protection screens.

Our products are characterized by innovative design and attractive appearance. Quality, style, and elegance are an integral part of all our products.

Fast service, warranty, support, and a great team is the way to meet all your expectations.

The strength of our company comes from the family environment and as such we understand the needs and feel the spirit of the production of sun protection screens. We listen to requirements and adapt to new technologies to improve our production and service processes.

Our advantage is understanding the needs of the customer. We give a 2-year guarantee on all products.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, it can now be said that we are one of the leading companies in the production of sun protection screens in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

EUX is a leading brand of aluminium joinery and a manufacturer of shutter systems in Croatia. It provides its clients and partners with a wide range of products and quality service. Business cooperation in carpentry is a key element in the continuous development of the EUX brand.

The offer of the EUX brand then also expanded to the production of fittings for aluminium joinery and injection molding and plastic injection. EUX ALU joinery has firmly begun to form an authority in its field of work, achieving business success and forging valuable partnerships.

EUX business cooperation in carpentry is based on pre-defined parameters as well as the experience and knowledge of the company.

All products, as well as the company itself, are certified for various levels of quality, business conditions, and production.

The desire to become a market leader is the foundation of the exceptional quality and standards by which all work is based.