We offer top quality products for aluminum-wood / wood-aluminum windows.

Windows made of a combination of wood and aluminium combine the best characteristics of both materials. The system has high stability and can withstand heavy loads. The basis of this window is aluminium, and wood with its warmth gives the interior a special note.

Wood is a window mask that can be replaced after a certain time with other types and colors of wood because it is fastened with PVC buckles. The combination of aluminium / wood has found great application in modern architecture. A large selection of types and colors of wood that can be used in the construction give modern buildings an attractive appearance.

Wood-aluminium window systems

Aluminijum-drvo sistemi prozora



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Uniform was founded in 1988. Over the years, we have worked hard to expand our product range, becoming a European leader. Our main plant and offices cover an area of 45,000 square meters with 25,000 square meters of construction space. We employ 250 people based in Italy and over 400 worldwide.

We purposely developed a software to make our service even faster and more efficient. We provide this for free, a customization based on the system chosen by each customer.

Our research and development department designs customized solutions for our customers and develops new product systems. The R&D department is connected to a laboratory that simultaneously creates and tests prototypes.

Uniform has efficient production facilities that use the latest technological systems to meet all your technical needs for wood/metal windows and doors.

Bearing in mind the dynamic and demanding market that is constantly changing, we have responded with modern plant equipment for aluminum extrusion, electrostatic plasticizing and anodic anodizing, as well as machines for processing aluminum profiles.

The products we offer to the market are various types of aluminium constructions used in construction and industry. We base our development exclusively on the creation of our own professional team that follows world design trends and offers complete series for the production of aluminium systems. With their design, aluminium profiles and systems can be adapted to the specific customer needs in architecture and industry, from the idea to the finalization of the product.

We control the quality and traceability in the production chain according to the standards prescribed by the ISO 9001 standards and the CE mark. Throughout the whole production chain, we use modern technology and means of protection and perform constant control according to the requirements of the ISO14001: 2015 standard, which is a guarantee of our environmental care. We possess ISO 3834 and 15085-2 certificates, which allow us to perform demanding welded aluminum structures. We produce our products with surface protection in accordance with the Qualicoat, Qualanod and Qualideco certificates. We test the quality of our systems in authorized laboratories: IFT-Rosenheim, GBD Bregenz and IGH-Zagreb.